LASIK Eye Surgery vs. Surgical Implants

If you are one of the millions of people in the world who rely on contact lenses in order to see clearly you may have considered having LASIK eye surgery. This can be a very effective form of treatment that will allow you to toss your contact lenses away for good.

There is an alternative to having LASIK surgery and that is having contact lenses surgically implanted in your eyes. There are benefits and disadvantages to each approach so it’s wise to consider all of the information before making a final decision.

With LASIK eye surgery, the patient can expect:

A very fast recovery: Most people who have a LASIK procedure are up and about within a day. Although it’s not advisable to have both eyes done at the same time, the recovery time is so quick that at most you are looking at a few days of down time.

Virtually no pain: LASIK surgery is pain-free and is done in a very short period of time without the aid of any anesthetic.

LASIK has its risks: A very small percentage of people may suffer more vision problems after having LASIK surgery. One of the more common problems is night blindness that makes it difficult if not impossible to drive at night.

With surgical implants, the patient can expect:

About a fifteen-minute procedure: When a contact lens is put into the eye, the surgeon will first administer several eye drops into the eye to numb the area. Then the cornea is cut so the contact can be put into place.

Any side effects can be corrected: As with any type of surgery, having contacts implanted can lead to more problems. As with LASIK eye surgery, there is a chance that the individual will suffer from night blindness or some have also complained of seeing a halo. Unlike with LASIK, the contact lenses that are implanted in the eye can be removed, thus removing the side effect. With LASIK, the side effect generally can’t be corrected.

One eye should be done at a time: Because a foreign body is being placed within your body (your cornea to be exact), it’s advisable to have one eye done at a time. This is in case the body rejects the contact lens. This can be slightly more time consuming for the patient than if they had LASIK surgery.

It’s easy to see that both procedures come with associated risks along with costs. If you are thinking about having one or the other performed, it’s important to consider that with LASIK eye surgery the results are permanent. With the contact lens insertion, there is always the possibility of having them removed if a serious complication does develop. Considering that you only have two eyes this is something not to be overlooked.

As with any serious medical procedure the best advice anyone can offer is to visit with a professional skilled in the area. Remember, this is your eyesight you are putting into someone’s hands.